home is where you hang yourself.



Holly blue chalcedony

Sweet Home, Oregon, USA

Rock show find, I might 5-6 cabs out of one and I may just polish the face of the other and leave it.


The Lawrence Arms - “Boatless Booze Cruise, Pt. 1”

winter is coming
can you find your coat
let’s go watch the water 
while the bodies still float
slit my throat
it’s more than a tad overdue
slit my throat
i can’t die in here ‘til next june
i breathed, it was smokey
i cried, it steamed
i dreamed that i slept 
and i actually dreamed
what it is is a sickness
what it is is regret
and i might be tired
but i’m not dead yet

so don’t forget to forget you forgot me
cuz when i show up at your door 
i’m gonna remember that you are my friend 
and fall asleep on your floor

You know, the Larry Arms aren’t even on my top ten list of favorite bands, yet I find that they’re a band I always return to. They’re like…comfort music for me.

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