home is where you hang yourself.

Brendan Kelly

—Quincentuple Your Money


There’s a park in this city where I used to go, 
but now it’s covered with fences and cops and lightposts. 
And I’d never go back if anything was the same,
but it kills me to know that it’s changed. 

There’s these kids who have dreams. 
There’s these dreams that will grow. 
Until they get so goddamn big that they explode. 

And what’s left in the smoke and the falling debris 
is grownups like them and losers like me. 

Welcome back, Fall.

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I lost myself to music at a very early age, and I remained there.

—Morrissey (via shoottherunner)

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I am what you need when you can’t find it somewhere else.
I am what you want when you don’t have anything else.

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